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Dale Cupido - April 28, 2002: Phonecalls from Space - Hello down there

What an exciting couple of days it been. We have had a full couple of days with the launching, docking, and then setting up the first video communications. I was based in Tsup (Moscow MCC) the day of the launch and managed to see footage of the Soyuz rocket and inside the capsule! It was very exciting to be a part of it.

It was quite an occasion on the day of the docking. There were dignitaries, members of the international press, and Mark's family and friends all there to watch the docking. I have Mark's minute-by-minute schedule on my Palm top, synced with his. Two seconds before the docking, the alarm on my Palm top sounded... the mission had begun!

After all the excitement of the docking and watching Mark arrive at the ISS, we made our way back to our Support Room.Then, 30 minutes after returning, my cellphone rang. There was a male voice with a Russian accent on the otherside, asking me how I was, and wanting to thank me for getting him to space! It was the first call that our African in Space had made.

I don't have the words to express how I felt after the call... overwhelmed!!!!!

So far, everything has been going to according to plan, and I am checking everything and every movement Mark is making up there!

Landing Countdown to 05:51 05 May

Landing Complete!

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Dale Cupido
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