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Freddy Khan - March 27, 2002: Road trip - Log for 15 Feb:

This was an extremely trying week for me. It started with a looooooong drive from Houston to Washington DC - about 24 hours of driving. This was extremely tiring, but at least I got to see some of the countryside.

My first stop was at Wallops Island Flight Centre, the Space Experiment Module, SEM. This was a further four hours drive east from DC. Luckily, my next meeting was in Washington itself, so the next day was a break. The next day’s meeting with The Classroom of the Future, COTF, was another four hours’ drive from DC, this time going northwest. My last meeting in DC was with the Challenger Centre, based not far from DC itself.

These meeting have been exceptionally productive, with the people I met being extremely helpful. After hearing about our education outreach initiatives, all the gears seem to slip into an even higher cog, and the efforts they make to help is simply overwhelming.

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