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Nicolette Cronje - April 07, 2002: Home comforts - Thanks to the team - Mark, Dale, Karen, Pete & Dr Barry – together with a wonderful espresso/cuppachino machine and Mrs B's chutney, I've settled in quite comfortably after passing the intiation - waiting three hours at the airport for Andre, the infamous driver. (Andre conveniently speaks no English.) I've also managed to accomplish the trick of walking in the snow without falling. Touch wood.

On the work front: the Russians are very friendly and final negotiation with INBP regarding some last-minute customs requirements for the scientist's experiment went of smoothly.

Requests from the press are coming in in droves, and Mark's media schedule is rather jam-packed. We're all looking forward to the South African media's arrival - hoping for some supplies of Mrs B's and Rose’s Lime Marmalade.

Landing Countdown to 05:51 05 May

Landing Complete!

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Nicolette Cronje
07/04/2002: Home comforts
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