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CV: Stem Cell Research Team

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Dr. DM Barry

Embryo and Stem Cell Development (ESCD) Project Position:     Project leader & coordinator

career experience
1973-1976 Government Vetinatian, Otjiwarongo, Namibia
1976-1984 Private vetinarian, Bultfontein, South Africa.  Specialized in animal reproduction and preventative animal health care
1984-2001 Lecturer in Animal Reproduction, and Researcher in Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART), University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
1991 Visiting Professor on sabbatical, Louisiana State University (LSA), USA
1997 Initiate international masters course in ART at University of Stellenbosch
Evaluation by students 1996-2001, Lecturing Proficiency of 83-97%
Bachelors Degree in Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Masters Degree in Animal Physiology (with distinction), University of Stellenbosch (US), South Africa.
Finalizing a Ph.D. in embryo culture, University of Stellenbosch
Semen collection, freezing and AI in cattle, sheep and goats & Expertise        Embryo collection, evaluation, freezing and transfer in live stock (>2000 cows and >800 sheep and goats collected and embryos transferred) Oocyte collection and in vitro production of farm animal and wildlife embryos Embryo culture and micro-manipulation techniques, including freezing, splitting, biopsy, ICSI, cloning Preventative animal herd health programs, reproductive health and mastitis control Development and management of research programs, projects and courses
publications / other experience
14 Scientific publications in International Journals during the past eight years
12 Scientific papers at national and international congresses 
28 Postgraduate student training (Ph.D. and M.Sc. – project leader and co-leader)
3 International workshops on ART

Prof. SJ (Faan) Schoeman

Embryo and Stem CEll Development (ESDC) Project Position: Associate researcher and head of Department of Animal Sciences.

BScAgric - University of Stellenbosch (1966) with majors Animal Science, Animal Physiology and Genetics
BScAgricHonns - University of the Orange Free State (1967) in Animal Breeding and Genetics
MScAgric (cum laude) - University of the Orange Free State (1968)
DScAgric - University of the Orange Free State (1972)
career experience
1969-1975 Department of Agriculture, Windhoek
11 years Part-time and full-time farming
1983-1985 Senior Lecturer, Univ. of Pretoria
1986-1988 Associate Professor, Univ. of Pretoria
1989-1994 Professor, Univ. of Pretoria
1995-  Professor, Univ. of Stellenbosch
1997-  Head of department of Animal Science
Animal Breeding and Genetics
Animal Husbandry
Wool Science
research output
Peer-reviewed research publications:  74 of which 9 as single author, 27 as first author and 38 as co-author.
Published contributions at international conferences – 15
Published contributions at national conferences during last 3 years – 12.
Book contributions – 2 chapters
CAB International Compendium on South African sheep breeds (on request).
Post-graduate student training
Supervisor and co-supervisor for 28 MSc students
Promoter and co-promoter for 5 PhD candidates


Embryo and Stem Cell Development (ESCD) Project Position: PhD student

BSc Agriculture (Animal Science, Physiology and Biochemistry) (1993)
MSc Agriculture with distinction
Exchange student for Masters degree, Leuven University, Belgium
Bsc (Hons) (With Distinction) in Theoretical Physics (Cape Town) 1991
Two scientific papers submitted
Attendance at 10 courses and seminars
Eight awards and scholarships for academic achievements

Dr LC Hoffman

Embryo and Stem Cell Development (ESCD) Project Position: Associate researcher

1980 A-Level (AEB), Post-Matric (Price Edward School, Harare, Zimbabwe)
1984 Bsc (Agric) University of Stellenbosch
1985 Bsc (Agric) Hons (Cum Laude) (Meat Science)
1987 Msc (Agric) (Cum Laude) (Meat Science, Unversity of Stellenbosch "Die doeltreffendheid van sekere parameters ter bepaling van die weefselsamestelling van varkkarkass"
1995 PhD (University of the North) "Factors affecting the meat quality paramaters of Clarius gariepinus) (Burchell)
Oct 1988 Employed as a reasearcher at the Aquaculture Research Unit, UNIN
July 1992 Promoted to Senior Researcher, Aquaculture Research Unit, UNIN
Feb 1997 Senior Lecturer, Animal Production, UNIN
Aug 1997 Senior Lecturer, Animal Science, University of Stellenbosch
40 Publications

Dr. WA Coetzer 

Embryo and Stem Cell Development (ESCD) Project Position: Associate researcher

1962 Matric, Cradock Boys High School
1966 B.Sc. (Agric.) (U.O.F.S.) 
1969 M.Sc. (Agric.) (U.O.F.S.)
1979 Ph.D. (Agric.) (U.S.)  “Morphological and physiological changes in the genital system and the application of various treatments during the post partum period in Afrikaner Cattle”
1966–1979 Research officer, Department of Agricultural and Technical Services.
1980–1990 Senior lecturer, Department of Human and Animal Physiology, University of Stellenbosch
1991–1999 Associate Professor (also Chairman of Department between 1998 – 2000)
2000 Associate Professor, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Stellenbosch.
Project leader for 8 M.Sc. theses
Co-Leader for 11
Promoter for 2 Ph. D. dissertations and co-promoter for another 3
External examiner for post-graduates from University of the Free State and the University of the Western Cape since 1990
Author/co-author of 31 scientific publications
37 contributions to national symposia and 2 international symposiums.
Present interest:  Reproduction and artificial insemination in farm animals.
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