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What: The Autumn Clinic for Maths and Science Teachers
Where: Eskom Convention Centre, Midrand, Johannesburg
When: 02 to 05 April 2002
Goal: Train, equip and inspire maths and science teachers from 102 Dedicated Schools in the belief that it will help them train, equip and inspire their learners.

Feedback from the Autumn Clinic

The Autumn Clinic was declared a resounding success by organisers and participants alike. Speakers of the highest order lectured at the Clinic, among them Professor Kader Asmal, the South African Minister of Education, MP; Mr Mosibudi Mangena, the Deputy Minister of Education; motivational speaker Dr David Molapo, some of the most distinguished mathematical and scientific minds in the country as well as educators from the United States.

The conference was held at the Eskom Convention Centre in Midrand, Johannesburg and attended by 357 delegates. They were joined by educators from the Space Centre Houston, the official Visitor Centre for the Johnson Space Centre, and the Education Service Centre.

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Welcome message from the Minister of Education Professor Kader Asmal, MP:

I greet delegates from the private sector, our social partners from parastatals, presenters and facilitators for the clinic, teachers from the 102 schools, principals, curriculum advisors, provincial project co-ordinators and officials from the Department of Education. This first-ever clinic will provide, I hope, impetus for improvement in School preparation and understanding in the vital Science and Maths areas of our school curriculum.

With my best wishes
Yours sincerely,
Professor Kader Asmal, MP

Prof. Kader Asmal

Welcome message from the Deputy Minister of Education Mosibudi Mangena:

It is indeed a great honour and a privilege for me to welcome and thank everyone who has contributed towards making this historic occasion a reality. In particular, I welcome our guests from the private sector, presenters and facilitators for the clinic, teachers and principals from the 102 dedicated schools for Mathematics, Science and Technology, and officials from the National and Provincial departments of Education.

Mosibudi Mangena

Mosibudi Mangena

Welcome message from Mark Shuttleworth

I would like to welcome you, Dinaledi, to the first Autumn Clinic for Science and Maths Educators. It is a significant milestone in the evolution of the National Strategy for Maths and Science. Not only is it an opportunity to communicate and demonstrate the value that the South African education system places on you as educators; it is also a time during which you will have the opportunity to share knowledge and develop relationships with your contemporaries. The value that can be reaped from such knowledge transfer and relationship-building is tremendous. I trust it will provide you with a springboard from which you will develop strategies for teaching and learning that will promote Science, Mathematics and Technology in our school system and, in the process, ignite the enthusiasm of learners towards these important subjects. Your role in the education system is a vital one. Without you-and especially without your passion, creativity and commitment to making teaching and learning an enjoyable process in the development of learners - South Africa is a poorer nation.

I urge you to immerse yourself in the activities that have been planned over the next few days, and hope that it will leave you enthused and more empowered to develop tomorrow's stars.

Mark Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth
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